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Q: Are our conversion certificates accepted by the DVLA?
A: Yes we are recognized

Q: How long does the LPG conversion take?
A: Usually 2-3 days with us.

Q: What LPG conversion actually does to my vehicle?
A: In very simple words it means adding a second independent fuel system to your vehicle so it can run on either petrol or gas independently. It means your vehicle becomes "dual-fuel" or "bi-fuel".

Q: Does the conversion affect performance?
A: From our experience and from our clients' feedback there is no power loss at all or a very slight loss which is in the range of 3% and MPG can decrease by about 10%. It depends very much on the car itself. But most importantly all our customers agree that performance loss, if there is any at all, is negligible and does not affect their driving.

Q: Can the conversion effect my engine?
A: Yes, in a positive way. Autogas is a fuel that burns cleaner than petrol so it can reduce wear and tear of your vehicle's engine.

Q: What LPG conversion systems do you install?
A: We exclusively install highly reliable and top quality 'AC STAG' kits. They are available as single point and sequential multipoint injection systems. Have a look here for more info.

Q: Can every vehicle be converted to run on LPG?
A: Almost. In general the only condition is that engine must be in good order as gas is more "sensitive" fuel. So if there are any issues with the engine they are more likely to surface when running on gas. We have converted standard cars, 4x4's, camper vans, buses and ... I know you will laugh now but we even converted a petrol lawnmower. Seriously. It was running like a dream. And it was great fun as well. And do not forget boats!. They can be converted to LPG as well.

Q: What about the value of my car?
A: The value of your car understandably increases as your vehicle becomes 'dual-fuel' or 'bi-fuel'.

Q: What about my insurance?
A: We know about one insurance company that will offer you a 10% discount because of our certified LPG conversion. 

Q: What happens when I run out of gas?
A: Our system automatically switches your vehicle back to petrol, you do not have to stop your car or do anything at all. When your gas level is low our system's buzzer will give you audible notification when it is about to be switched to petrol. You also have 5 LEDs on the switch that show you the gas level.

Q: Do we remove the inlet manifold to install the LPG conversion?

A: In line with recommendations by vehicle manufacturers it is not advised to remove the manifold especially on new cars. In most cases this can cause more problems than benefits. Instead we either pressurise or use cutting edge suction technology which captures any debris that may result from drilling. It means the manifold stays on and there's no risk for future leaks from the gasket. On some vehicles it is necessary to remove the manifold - if this is the case we will inform you and the manifold is removed and reinstalled by our specially trained members of staff to minimise the risk of any future leaks.


Q: Do we refuse to fit gas filling point on plastic bumpers below the level of petrol filling point?

A: No, as long as it is safe. If the filling point is mounted in the plastic bumper it will be reinforced.


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Why LPG you may ask?

Well, the benefits are simple - first of all is the price. LPG is just over half the price of petrol so the moment you switch to LPG your fuel bills go dramatically down. Then there is the issue of ever important greenhouse gas emissions - LPG is the one fuel that is trully eco friendly - it burns cleanly with no soot and little sulfur emissions. Production of LPG is clean and cheap and storage is as simple as it is with any other fuel with the added bonus of LPG being harmless to the ground and water.



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