3-4 Cylinder LPG Conversion: From £799

5-6 Cylinder LPG Conversion: From £999

8 Cylinder LPG Conversion:    From £1199

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How can we offer such low prices? Do we use cheap components and cut corners?


We keep our costs down by importing LPG kits directly from LPG kits Manufacturers and most of our LPG conversions are done in one day.

We only fit the highest quality LPG conversion components recommended by AC STAG manufacturer.

We could cut our prices further by using inferior and cheaper LPG conversion parts, however experience has taught us that in order to maintain the reliability and performance of your new LPG system over the long term this is not advisable.

We have fitted many LPG converison systems in the UK over the last 7 years. Through our experience we have selected the best LPG parts to show our commitment to excellence.

We use 2 or 3 technicians instead of 1 for every LPG conversion. Each technician is highly experienced in his field. Stringent quality control is employed and all those steps allow us to reduce the LPG conversion time - we save you time and money.

We are therefore able to provide the longest warranty period in the industry as we are absolutely confident in our workmanship, the quality and long term performance.

Quoted Before?

Have you been quoted already? Did you get as a 'bonus' some negative comments about the competition?


Some of our competitors try very hard to steer customers away from us. Some might say our LPG installation methods and the quality of the fit and the LPG Conversion components are inferior compared to theirs. Some might try to scare you saying that not removing the inlet manifold will cause damage to the engine. Those are only scare tactics - read what the LPG conversion involves here or read our FAQs section.


We use techniques pioneered by the Japaneese car industry to speed up the production line. This ensures that each technician becomes an expert at his particular task which speeds up the whole process of the LPG conversion and cuts the labour cost which we in turn pass on to you.


Every LPG Installation comes with:

* Industry leading LIFE-TIME parts and labour warranty with unlimited mileage

* FREE courtesy car - we have 9 cars available every day (all run on LPG)

* If you live a long distance from us (a lot of our customers do) and worry about future LPG conversion servicing,  we are the only company in UK that can provide you with a remote LPG Conversion servicing option which eliminates the distance problem.

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